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We provide advanced and automated efforts, particularly focusing on organic traffic, to increase traffic acquisition across all channels. Alongside efforts to enhance traffic performance, we also concentrate on improving keyword ranking performance.

Our SEO efforts are analyzed in three main areas:

1.Technical Infrastructure Analysis and Improvements: We examine and optimize the technical infrastructure of your website.

2.Content Performance Analysis and Improvements: We analyze your existing content and make SEO improvements.

3.Brand Awareness, Social Media, and Competitive Analysis with Performance Improvements: We develop strategies to increase your brand’s visibility through social media and competitive analysis.”

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Goal Setting


Organik channel performance involves identifying the desired position and setting realistic goals and timelines to achieve these goals.

Technical Analysis


This analysis provides results on the extent to which technical criteria set by search engines are met and identifies areas requiring improvement. Subsequently, improvement steps are identified, implemented as necessary, and results are monitored either manually or through automated processes.

Content Analysis


Determining the adequacy of website content, identifying necessary improvements to content, specifying new text additions, and implementing them as needed, followed by regular monitoring of results.

Target Alignment Analysis


Determining how sufficient web content and technical outcomes are in achieving the goals, conducting necessary work to reach the goal, and identifying requirements through regular monitoring.

Increasing Brand Awareness


To improve brand awareness, the current contribution of the brand and its alignment with expected outcomes should be assessed and structured accordingly.

We are improving
organic channel performance!

We’re executing the necessary efforts for your website and
brand to gain traffic organically, handling what’s needed on your behalf to achieve specific goals.

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